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Every mage in Chromaticasters offers a totally different personality and playstyle. From the destructive, hot-headed Fire Cat to the tough, supportive Earth Deer, there's a character for everyone!
Each mage has many strengths… but just as many weaknesses! Your only hope of survival is to rely on your friends for support. Combine your unique spells in inventive ways and crush hordes of enemies under the collective might of your magic!
Take your magic to new heights with Mutations and Items, mid-run power-ups that shape the way you play. These can improve your strengths, shore up weaknesses, or even completely change your role in the team!
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As the restless crown prince of a peaceful desert kingdom, the Fire Cat is more than eager to show off his devastating fire magic. A master of straightforward offense, he is capable of dealing high single-target damage with his Fireballs, or covering a whole area in flame with his Flamethrower. He can also set up a Boom Sigil, which blasts enemies (and allies!) away. Finally, he can throw down a Campfire, slowly granting allies temporary health and buffing their damage.
The Fire Cat is a juggernaut of damage, but he can be somewhat chaotic: missing a Fireball leaves a dangerous patch of fire on the ground, and tossing your allies around with your Boom Sigil can do more harm than good. He also doesn't have a great way to escape danger, and can be in for a world of hurt if he's not careful about his positioning.

The Fire Cat is for you if you love:

    🔥 Showering the screen with tons of fire
    🔥 Putting yourself (and others) at risk for more sweet, sweet damage
    🔥 Impressing your friends with how many enemies you killed
    🔥 Being an orange cat
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A conscripted mage-soldier hailing from a world mired in war, the Water Axolotl's kind and reserved nature put him in a unique position - and granted him a spellset that's just as unique. His spells heavily focus on support and control, locking down enemies while keeping the team healthy. His signature move is his versatile Bubble, which traps anything it touches in an indestructible magical water bubble, while also healing allies that get inside of it. His Whirlpool can totally lockdown all enemies inside, and his Mass Bubble lets him make his whole team invincible for a few crucial moments. Finally, he has his Water Spray for personal defense, which can also push enemies to more advantageous positions.
The Water Axolotl can be the backbone of any team, but killing enemies is a challenge for him. He relies heavily on his team to take advantage of his lockdown spells, which can’t do damage on their own. Having low damage, on top of having no mobility spells, means he can get surrounded and overwhelmed easily. Having good communication and synergy with your team is a must for him!

The Water Axolotl is for you if you love:

    💧 Being the unsung hero
    💧 Setting up big combos with your team
    💧 Clutching games with crazy support plays
    💧 Being the big brother of the team
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Bouncing from gang to gang on his cutthroat city-planet, the Lightning Bunny’s super-speed (and super-temper) meant that he was always alone - until now, that is. He’s an incredibly fast, but incredibly fragile, caster who can leave enemies helpless. His Lightning Dash is his most important spell; a dash ability that makes him invincible for the duration that has almost no cost or cooldown! With it, nothing is out of his reach. He’s able to move across entire rooms in a fraction of the time as everyone else! His main attack, Chain Lightning has a high rate of fire, and can arc to multiple enemies, and his Flashbang instantly stuns all enemies around him. His final ability, Satchel Charge can turn an enemy or ally into a walking shock grenade, stunning all enemies near them.
The Lightning Bunny is a great all-rounder, but his weakness becomes apparent when he makes a mistake; the Lightning Bunny has much less health than the other casters. Dashing into an enemy’s attack once or twice will leave you downed, and possibly isolated. He also doesn’t have a way to push enemies around, and his Chain Lightning does low damage when it only hits one target. Knowing when to play it safe and retreat for healing, and when to extend into enemy territory to give your allies the upper hand can mean the difference between a clean victory, and a certain defeat

The Lightning Bunny is for you if you love:

    ⚡ Going fast. Like, really *really* fast
    ⚡ Dashing in and out of danger; riding the line between life and death
    ⚡ Feeling totally overpowered (until you get hit)
    ⚡ Stunlocking enemies to death
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Having been forced into numerous grueling bouts in the gladiatorial pits, the Earth Deer sternly charges into danger, carrying her scars, grit, and earth-shattering magic along with her. Unlike most of the other casters, the Earth Deer is primarily melee focused. She boasts an incredibly high health pool, and can smash through enemies with her Earth Hammer. Her mighty Leap lets her close distances quickly before slamming into the ground, and her Earth Wall can protect herself and allies from incoming enemies and projectiles. Her Throw is the most versatile of all, letting her pick up enemies and objects to throw around the battlefield, and also letting her pick up allies to carry to safety.
The Earth Deer can take it and dish it out all at once, but she needs to be in melee range to do real damage. Without her Leap (which has a long cooldown), getting in and out of attack range can take a lot of time. Ranged enemies can also be a threat to her. A spread out group of them can chip away at her health bar while she struggles to retaliate. While other casters try to avoid taking damage, getting hit is inevitable for the Earth Deer. Don’t shy away from danger while playing her. Charging headfirst into the fray to save a downed ally or kill a dangerous enemy is well worth a few points of health!

The Earth Deer is for you if you love:

    🌎 Getting up close and personal with the bad guys
    🌎 Shrugging off enemy attacks like they're nothing
    🌎 Using the environment to your advantage
    🌎 Supporting the team in unconventional ways